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Salina Turda, Cluj county was renovated and reopened under a different look in December 2009. By what changes were made, the saline has become one of the most modern spa bases in Central and Eastern Europe.

Salina Turda is a remarkable tourist attraction worth visiting, about 32 km from Cluj Napoca (30 minutes by car on european road E60).

Salina is divided into several rooms, space for the former salt exploitation, including the largest hall, which gives you shivers when you see it from the entrance. Among the most spectacular are the terraces on the island of salt, which, seen from above, look like UFOs.

Brief History about Salina Turda

Located in the NE part of town, the deposit covers an area of about 45 sqm and the average thickness value is around 250m. Fold thickness in the axial zone of salt often exceeds 1.200m. Turda salt is a rock monominerala composed of Halit (NaCI), a mineral whose rate exceeds 99%. Insoluble elements, consisting mainly of CaSo, do not exceed 0.7%. Estimated reserve is 38.750 millions tons.

Salt surface appearance, due to erosion by the Valley of Flowers and by Valley Sărală of waste rock deposit located in the roof, made her presence be known since ancient times.

The systematic explotation of the deposit began by the surface mine works and later in the underground, began during the Roman occupation in Dacia, with a fundamental economic role in the development of  Potaissa village (today Turda). (…)

After Aurelian withdrawal, until eleventh century, there is no clear evidence that salt extraction continued. It is assumed that the local population continued exploitation of salt so to cover domestic needs, as well as increasing exports to neighboring villages lacking such a mineral.

In the first document known to make reference to Transylvania, issued by the Hungarian office in 1075, is mentioned the salt mines customs “at the city that is called Turda, in the place that was called in Hungarian Aranyas and in Latin was called Aureus”. During the thirteenth century Turda Ocna is mentioned in documentary “salt mine in Turda”. After a period of growth, ranging between the late fourteenth century and the middle of the XVI century, follows a period of slowing the pace of development of mining production in Transylvania. (…)

The establishment of Habsburg power in the late seventeenth century and increasing material needs of society determined that, starting around the second decade of the eighteenth century, the importance given to extractive industries to grow. Salt mines come under the direct administration of the imperial power. The effects are also felt in Turda.

In 1690, first works for mining salt at the current location are started, evidenced by the dome camera from mine shafts “Theresa”. Shortly after, also the mine Saint Anthony is opened.

(…) After World War 1 the salt exploitation became a state monopoly, capitalist private firms not having concession right to exploit that mineral. (…)

After the mine closed in 1932, it entered a period when it was forgotten until the time of the Second World War, when it is reopened and used by the city’s population as air raid shelter. After 1950 until 1992, when the mine was opened to the public receiving Landmark status, the first 500m of the transport gallery Franz Joseph were used as a storehouse of cheese.

(Information taken from the bulletin board displayed at the old mine entrance)

Useful Information

Temperature is low in the Salina, ranging from 10 to 12 degrees Celsius, so it is recommended that before going inside (especially during the summer) you should take a thicker coat.

It is not advisable to enter with strollers or bulky luggage, as the descending spaces in the saline are narrow and access into elevators with bulky luggage is prohibited.

Time needed for visiting the entire „salina” is about 1h 30 min – 2 h (if not using other features that are found underground).

Daily schedule is between 9.00 and 15.00.

Entry rates are as follows

– Adults – 15 lei

– Children over 3 years – 8 lei

Subscription rates (minimum 7 days advance payment)

– Adults – 12 lei / day

– Retired – 10 lei / day

– Children – 6 Euro / day

Facilities that can be found underground

– Bowling

– Minigolf

– Boats

– Big Wheel

– Land Sports

– Amphitheater


Adresa: Salinelor street, no. 54 B, Turda, zip code: 401106, Cluj County

Tel: +4.0264.311690; +4.0364.260940

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