How can you pay for parking in Cluj Napoca?


Cluj Napoca is especially crowded during the academic year, especially during the week, so finding a parking space in the center can be a challenge during peak hours.

Find out below which are the parking payment methods in Cluj Napoca.

In Cluj Napoca parking spaces are divided into two zones: zone 1 (central and downtown area) and zone 2 (the semicentral).parcare-in-cluj-napoca

  1. Scratch parking tickets

Where to buy scratch parking tickets?

Scratch parking tickets can be purchased from bus ticket offices, at some grocery stores in the area of the parking spaces, from some companies that have entrance in the main street (xerox’s, hostels, etc) or from the city hall in Cluj Napoca.

These places can be easily identified after the sticker attached at the entrance of the unit, see the picture below:

How to use scratch parking tickets?

A parking ticket can have a value of 1 leu or 2 lei, and the duration of coverage is 30 minutes, an hour or 2 hours, depending on the area where the parking lot is: zone 1 or zone 2.

The cells must be scrapped after: month, day, hour and minute.

The ticket must be placed in the right of the windscreen.

  1. Payment at the vending machine with 5, 10, 50 coins

The devices are usually near the parking lots, they serve a certain area, so you have to look after the nearest unit that often can be on the other side of the road.

Payment is made directly into the machine at the coin slot (cell), which allows inserting coins. As you add more coins the covered parking time grows too. Subsequently, press the button that issue the receipt (at the bottom) which will record the payment and give you a receipt (proof of payment) which you have to put at a visible place in the car as the parking tickets.

  1. Payment at the vending machine with card

At the same specific devices at which you can pay with coins, card payment is possible. Note that some do not work!

Credit card payment can be done after you inserted the card into the device and you type the PIN. Afterwards, set the time and hour until you want to stay in the parking spot. After issuing the receipt (proof of payment), put it in a visible place in the car.

  1. Payment by SMS

Payment by SMS to the number 7420 is relatively simple, but must be made with no mistakes in typing the area and the number of the car.

First, you need to check in what parking area (zone 1 or zone 2) you are, because it differs the time which the SMS covers. See picture below


The cost of a SMS is 0.45 Euro + VAT and covers 60 min for Zone 1, while a SMS for Zone 2 covers 120 min.

Payment steps:

Send a SMS to short number 7420 with 401 (for zone 1) or 402 (for zone 2) followed by the number of the car. You will then receive a confirmation SMS that will contain the time by which payment was made and the car number entered (for which the payment was made).


If you are with the car in zone 2 you will send a SMS at 7420 with the text: 402BM01XXX

  1. Payment in parking with barrier

Payment in parking with barrier is made at the end of time you have parked in the parking lot with the ticket received at the entrance to the parking lot, so it’s important not to lose it. To avoid jams, payment is made before going to the car!

  1. Parkings payment

Payment at the parkings in Cluj-Napoca is the same as at parkings with barrier, based on the receipt received at the entry. To avoid jams, payment is made before going to the car!

It is recommended to leave your car in the parking of the accommodation unit where you are staying and use public transport or taxis. See here which accommodation units are offering free parking!



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