City Hall of Cluj-Napoca


Besides an important institution that is represents in Cluj Napoca, the City Hall building is a real tourist attraction through its baroque architecture. At night the building is lighted in order to  accentuate the architecture, giving it a medieval air.

The building was built in the late nineteenth century, after the plans of the architect Alpár Ignace, with a Viennese-style, baroque facade and a corner tower with clock, which impresses through the  strength and sobriety released. On the tower was applied the emblem of Cluj County (prefecture), because the original destination was that of the headquarters of Cluj County. The building was within the systematisation plan of the city, started in 1798 and which stipulated that any new building had to have city council approval.

Intended place of the original building was a multiple one-political establishment, administrative, fiscal etc. where county officials decided on the welfare of the area, and in the large rooms, in addition to meetings, there were held exhibitions of renowned artists or young artists, but also the balls of the early twentieth century.

Today is the headquarter ot the City Hall of Cluj-Napoca, local institution governed by principles of administrative and financial autonomy, decentralization of public services, legality and eligibility of local public administration authorities, consultation with citizens in solving community problems.

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Cluj-Napoca City Hall is located at No. 1-3 on Motilor Street, corner with Petru Maior Street, the  entrance to the building can be done from both streets.


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