You got a parking fine in Cluj Napoca? Here’s how you pay it!


If you got a parking fine in Cluj Napoca, here are the steps you need to follow to pay it.

If when you returned to the car you woke up with a “notice of finding” at the windshield wipers, notifying you that “Dear driver, you know that you have violated the Regulation of administration of public car parks … … “, then I say from the outset that you need patience! A lot of patience to solve your problem 🙂

On the finding note should be listed:

  • – Registration number of your car
  • – Area or street where your car is parked
  • – The time at which it was found that you were not paying parking
  • – Name of the official examiner (who gave you the fine)
  • – Signature of the official examiner

After all text in which he explains to you what you have violated by not paying the parking, a the bottom will be written the address, the time and date when you must present yourself personally for the certified report to be ended.

The fun starts here!

First, you should know that only at the date and time written at the bottom of the finding note you will find the one that gave you the fine, if you can not reach then, you risk not finding him because he will  go on the field to give other parking fines.

Secondly, you have to find the address, which is often a challenge for local people, but especially for those who are not from the city. The place where you should go differs from one sector to another, that means, the community policemen (those who gave you the fine) are divided into zones of Cluj and have some offices where they come to draw up the minutes. So, you will find the address of each agent at the bottom, hand written.

Once, in the end, you find the location and you have taken the minutes of the finding, with it you have to go  to make the payment at locations specified by the inspector.

Remember! Keep the minutes and proof of payment of the fine, as it often happened that after a while people have been informed that actually the pay of the fine was not processed and that you must prove or to pay again.


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