Old City Hall of Cluj Napoca


The first data about the Town Hall (old city hall building in Cluj) dates from 1537. In 1650 it was rebuilt. Renaissance House hadn’t got such a wide facade, but according to testimonies of that time, it was decorated with painted coats of arms of the seven free cities and even more, with 60 Latin inscriptions. In the small tower there was a bell, one which was used only when someone was sentenced to death.

In 1775 the building was destroyed by a fire. Only the walls were still standing in May 1798. Then it was decided to build a larger building of Town Hall.

In the 1841′s, the design of constructor Kagerbauer Antal was accepted, and also after a competion, the project of young Böhm János. So this building was completed with the classicist facade and balcony. The building emblazoned with the emblem of the city was inaugurated on 16 September 1845. Huge gate with three entrances was used not only for building access, but also as a route to the Kogalniceanu street.

In 1990, the most important services was moved to the new City Hall in Union Square building.

Today its headquarter is on Motilor Street no.3, and in the old building in Unirii (Union) Square, the department “Tax” and „Civil weddings” remained.


The old City Hall building in Cluj Napoca is located in Union Square at no. 1-2,  at the entrance in the Eroilor Boulevard.

Today, the building is used for the Department of Taxation, and during the winter for Civil weddings (in summer they are held in Central Park).

GPS Coordinates: 46.769077 (Lat), 23.591198 (long.)


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