Cluj Court of Justice


In the documents kept at the National Archives, Cluj County Department it is certifyed that the judicial organization in Cluj had its definite status since XI – XIII centuries.

It is kept, in the background papers, protocols of the city of Cluj from the period 1516-1849, in which reasons for lawsuits occur.

Between 1687-1914, as a court, it worked in Cluj a court having its powers under the 1871 Act, in civil and criminal proceedings.

In 1890, courts in cities of Cluj, Dej, Turda, Alba Iulia, Bistrita, Deva, Sibiu, were part of the activity area of the Royal Court of Appeal from Cluj. (…)

Since 1949 courts are operating under Decree no. 132/01.04.1949 on the judicial organization. The Law no. 5/19.06.1952 of judicial reform is changing the names of the courts from Court to Regional Court and from Court of First Instance and People Court House in People’s Court.

After the administrative-territorial reorganization in 1968 under Law no. 58 of 26 December 1968, Cluj District Court is abolished and replaced with the Tribunal of Cluj County.

The Law no. 92/04.08.1992 on judicial organization is set up in Cluj, Cluj Court of Appeal, which has in its constituency: Court Cluj, Bistrita Nasaud Court, Court Maramuresand, Court  Salaj. By the same law in the District Court has Court Cluj-Napoca, Dej Court, Court Gherla, Court Turda and Court Huedin . (Source)

Find out the history behind the building that hosts Cluj Court – Justice Palace in Cluj


Address: Cluj-Napoca, Calea Dorobanţilor no. 2-4, zip code 400117

Telefon: 0264-596110; 0264-596111; 0264-431057

Fax president office: 0264-595844

Fax accounting service: 0264-431965


Cluj Court of Justice is located in Justice Palace in Cluj, at the intersection of Stefan cel Mare Square with Calea Dorobantilor street, on the former King Charles the IInd Street, currently Dorobantilor street, no.2-4.


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