Parcul Central „Simion Barnutiu” – Cluj Napoca


With over 180 years old, it is one of the main recreation places in Cluj Napoca, located on the shore of Somesul Mic river.

The history of the park begins in the year of 1827, when the Women’s Welfare Association rented the terrain with the purpose of creating a recreative place.The park was opened to the public at the beginning of the 30’s in the XIXth century, under the name of People’s Park.Parcul-Central-Mare-Cluj-Napoca-4

In the second half of the XIXth century, the Park Commission was brought to life and it had roles in administrating the park. Later on, the alleys were designed and  the lake and the music pavilion was built. In the same park it was inaugurated the Summer Theather, with a cinema section, today the headquarters of the State Hungarian Theather.

Next to the park it functioned, during the interwar period, The superior Girl’s School De Gerando, named after the first principal, Antonina De Gerando. At the present, the building belongs to Babes Bolyai University and it accommodates The Chemistry Faculty. In the park there are the statues of Liviu Rebreanu and George Cosbuc, build at in the late 1960, and the building of Painting Section of Art and Design University Ion Andreescu.

Over the past few years, the park did not benefit from major investments, but the restauration of the alleys started, and the lake was populated with different species of fish, the surface of the lake is now crossed by ducks and boats in which children and young and inlove people take a short boat trip on the lake.

Central Park Today

With a length of about 900 meters, the Central Park from Cluj Napoca is an importanty place from the city’s recreative point of view.Parcul-Central-Mare-Cluj-Napoca-5

Here you will find from flowers and grass to:

  • alleys that cross the park and banks at the its margins
  • statues and monuments (the statue of Liviu Rebreanu and George Cosbuc)
  • basketbal course with night vision and other fitness devices, all with free access
  • a fountain surrounded by banks and access alleys
  • Chios Lake where during the summer you may take a short boat trip, and during the winter when it freezes, it is an ideal place for ice skating
  • at the edge of the lake there is Chios Restaurant, where during the summer it has an opened terrace
  • a park specially designed for children, with swings, slides and other special devices for the little ones

Near the fountain is a „mushroom” where in the summer are held simfonical concerts, and every Saturday and Sunday during the summer are held marriages by the mayor and by the representatives of the Cluj Napoca City Hall.

Access – Position

Located in the central area of the city, Simion Barnutiu Central Park is easy to identify and easy to reach. It is located at the shore of Somesul Mic river, between the streets Independentei and Cardinal Iuliu Hossu.

From the center, the park starts at the intersection of the Gheorghe Baritiu, Emil Isac and Cardinal Iuliu Hossu Streets, positioned in front of the Hungarian Opera in Cluj Napoca.


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