Roman Construction ruins in Unirii Square


Located in Unirii Square in front of Matei Corvin Statue, the riuns are a part of the tourist attractions of the area. They have an increased visibility because they are located in a pedestrian area which is highly frequented by people and tourists.

The archaeological site is covered with glass on a surface of 82 square meters in order to protect the vestiges, becoming an important point of information and visit, which benefits of an ambiental illumination system.

The inauguration of the site took place at the same time as the reveiling of Lupa Capitolina on Heroes Boulevard, on the 28th of November 2008.

Short history

The ruins of Roman Constructions made part of the main central square of the Roman town Napoca (II-III centuries), on top of which were build medieval constructions, modern constructions and contemporary constructions.

The first archaeological diggings in Unirii Square were made in 1822. The last research started in 1994 and continued, with few interruptions, until 2008, lead by the archaeologists of The National History Museum of Transylvania in Cluj Napoca. The surface that was archaeologically researched is of about 850 square meters in the central-southern  area of the roman town. On this occasion, there were also neolitical vestiges discovered, post roman and medieval.


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