Greek-Catholic Cathedral “Transfiguration”


Once known as Minorites Church (Roman Catholic Church of the Franciscan Order of Minorites), was donated to the Romanian Church United with Rome (Greek-Catholic) in 1924 by the Holy Seat, to serve as the cathedral of the Greek Catholic Diocese of Cluj – Gherla, with the relocation of Gherla ward in Cluj. The church was built in Baroque style by architect Francis Kitner plans at the end of the eighteenth century and the frescoes on the dome were painted in the early twentieth century by Francis Lohr and later restored by Coriolan Munteanu.

The adaptation of the interior furniture to the requirements of the Byzantine Rite was made with the effort of Bishop Iuliu Hossu, by placing an iconostasis, otherwise absent in the practice of Roman Catholic worship.


“Transfiguration” Greek-Catholic Cathedral is located in Eroilor Boulevard at no. 10, at the intersection with Herman Obert street. It is the only church on the Eroilor Boulevard between the two squares: Unirii and Avram Iancu.

GPS Coordinates: 46.769515 (Lat), 23.592542 (long.)


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