Forest Hoia – Cluj


It is located west of Cetatuia Hill, and represents an important place for leisure activities and weekends.

Here there are numerous arranged green spaces and places where anually take place different activities and events, special mountainbike bicycle track.

The northern slope of Hoia forest is covered with a mixed forest of hornbeam, hazelnut tree, wild apple tree, acacia, with numerous gladesin blossom, where, from time to time, different concerts take place.

The wildlife is rich and diversified, represented by mammals (fiels mice, wild cats, squirls, wild pigs), birds (baths, blackbirds, cuckoos, etc.). The north-western side is marked by the Lungul river, the river that dug Cheile Bicazului – national interest protected area, where there are preserved in situ elements of Oligocene fossilis. Near Hoia Forest is located also the „Romulus Vuia” National Ethnographic Park, the first one of its kind in Romania, and at the edge, Tetaromn 1.

Hoia Forest is well known for the presence of paranormal activity, still this activity has a scientific basis less studied. Still, in 1968 an inhabitant of Cluj Napoca took a photo of an UFO, photo which seems authentic, as the specialists said.

On Hoia Hill is the statue of the legendary sheppard Donath, of which is said that he announced the authorities about the iminent arrival of the Turkish armies (the XVIIth century) who tried to divert the course of Somes River through the hill in the place known today as Taietura Turcului, and then, as the runner of the Marathons, because of the emotions and the effort, he had died.


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