Museum Market


Old City Market, had many names over time. It was known as the Small Market in the Middle Ages (around the church of St. Michael was the Great Market), then Karolina Market in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Today is called Museum Market.

Museum Market was named after the Transylvanian History Museum which is located at the end of this market.

The market has been transformed into a pedestrian zone, where during the summer there are outdoor terraces and where events are organised, especially in the area of Matei Corvin House.

In the eastern side of the Market is the Franciscan Church with its monastery building in its continuation. In the heart of the Museum Market, the Karolina Obelisk rises.

The market has a medieval air due to the pavement it is covered with, and due to the old buildings surrounding it. Museum Market is for many a place of peace in Cluj city bustle.

Access routes

From park I.L. Caragiale you can reach Museum Market on Victor Deleu Street, from the area of King Ferdinand Street you can go on Emile Zola Street, from the Union Square the shortest version of access is on Matthias Corvinus Street.

Being a pedestrian area it is recommended to use the parking area from I.L. Caragiale park area and  Union Market area. During the week, especially between the hours of 9:00-16:00 parking places in the Museum Market are limited


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