Market Mihai Viteazu


 (Michael the Brave Market)  – Cluj Napoca

Mihai Viteazul Market  held before the name of Széchenyi tér.

GPS Coordonate :

46.774282  (N),    23.589181 (V)

In 1918, was named after  the Romanian ruler, and later in his honor was built an impressive statue.

Mapping and development of this market since 1870, was due to the railway. The first row of houses on the land between the walls of the stronghold and Somes river started to appear on the line of the walls and the Mill channel . String on the opposite side is not parallel to it because it followed the Somes River course. When the railroad arrived in Cluj, the station was built in this direction and as a consequence the economic value of the area increased, which began to house also the market moved here from the Union Square.

In the 1940s, palaces, with one or two-story,  were inserted between single-floored or at most one-floored  family houses, creating a heterogeneous environment of this market. Therefore, in the second half of the 1950s began the demolition and construction activities here. More storey blocks have replaced single-floored or dilapidated houses. The building of  Cinema Republica was built and the Agricultural Hall. In the mid 1970s, on this market was located the statue of Mihai Viteazul.




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