Palace of Justice Cluj


The palace was built between 1898-1902 in eclectic style. It is a building representative of early-twentieth century’s architecture, after the design of the Epitotarsasag, Kotsis, Smiel, Fodor es Reisinger designers’ association. The building was designed by Gyula Wagner architect. Contractor was David Sebestyen. The building was listed as historical and architectural monument. In it are several Courts, among which the Court of Appeal.

The building is part of the architectural ensemble Avram Iancu Square, which includes the Romanian Opera, National Theatre, Regional Office Railway Palace, Palace of the Prefecture, the Palace of Finance, Archdiocese Palace (formerly the Forestry Department). All these buildings were designed and built as vast palaces, with enough spaces that can be used as offices, entrances and stairs heading towards the monumental style of celebrations and meetings rooms.

The building of Palace of Justice is shaped like an irregular quadrilateral and contains 13 courtyards designed to ensure ventilation and lighting of existing premises. There are two entrances: one through the northern facade and a second through the western one. Both facades are highly decorated and present at the entrance a  portico made out of four Doric columns supporting a balcony at first floor.

Ornamented friezes were extremely demanding, with vegetal motifs, garlands, consoles and figures rondo-bosso. Arches, window frames and eaves are decorated with human figures carved in stone, of an exceptional artistic value. The decorative elements were made of terracotta and stone of Vistea, whose career is just 20 km away from Cluj.

On the western front roof dome was made a coupole of 9 m wide, 29 m long and 8.6 meters high . Extremely ornamental with wrought iron pieces and having a covering made from a layer of scales that enhances the beauty of the building .

The building has kept its original destination in time, for a period hosting other state institutions such as Octavian Goga County Library in Cluj, Kriterion Publishing House, Faculty of Economics, School of Popular Art, State Notary  and others.


Palace of Justice in Cluj Napoca is located at the intersection of Stefan cel Mare Square with  Calea Dorobantilor, the former King Carol the IInd Street, currently Dorobantilor no. 2-4.

The building was designed for activities of justice a century ago, for a population of approx. 50,000 inhabitants.

The building is not meant to be visited, because here it works the Cluj Court and other judicial institutions, so it can be admired only from the outside.

GPS Coordinates: 46.770883 (lat.), 23.598772 (long.)


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