The Dungeon – the new attraction of Cluj Napoca


the dungeonCluj- Napoca offers a wealth of leisure ways that are more or less fascinating. Among them is a location that combines business with pleasure so that groups who want to try a new and unique experience, can learn while having fun.

“The Dungeon “ can be a dream or a nightmare fun of any group of friends, but also a very useful tool for those who want to develop team spirit and sense of belonging to the group among team members.

It is a game with simple rules but very complex, requiring patience, cooperation, creativity and attention to details. The team should consist of two to about four people who must solve various interesting and clever puzzles to be able to escape from the room, which is a perfect replica of a prison, using almost all the objects around them to escape within one hour .

Deciphering codes and findings the cipher for padlocks are common tasks that will not let anyone waste time. The symbolism of colors, search for hidden objects or even fishing for keys with tools that are more or less unique creativity will test many.

Team members are required to put together the essential clues and found each of them to be able to “escape” so that they will have to cooperate as may not have ever made. The room is constantly monitored by video cameras and those that are closed there may communicate by walkie-talkie with a person who gives them clues from time to time, but only if necessary. Note that all prisoners should close theire phones to focus on the main objectives, namely to open the door that blocks access to “freedom”.

After some time the theme changes, therefore the escape may have place from a mad scientist dungeon, a prison, a torture chamber or even from a vampires room .

The stake is the release of those imprisoned in a short time and the best time compared to other teams is usually awarded. For those who want to try a new experience can be fun and strange, but you must make a reservation at least one hour before, using the site or by telephone, and the group should be present before about 10 minutes to be explained the rules game.

The price for such an experience for the group is normally 100 lei and for students is 60 lei.

The location can be found on Petru Maior street, at number 13, right in the center of Cluj-Napoca, near the City Hall. To get to Union Square to “The Dungeon ” you can choose one of the following paths. The first one involves a walk on Napoca Street to the intersection with the street Petru Maior, and the second route is going on Memorandumului street untill the intersection with Petru MAior street.


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