Bridal Veil Falls


Legend says that

The name of the waterfall comes from a tragic accident, in which a bride on her wedding day fell right from the cliffs of the mountains, its veil staying hooked. It is said that the wedding guests stopped the party and cried for the bride and in that very spot came to life a waterfall : “Bridal Veil”.

The waterfall consists of two steps, taken from the bottom up, the first step is the most spectacular, and the second is above the first forming a water reservoir, together totaling a drop of nearly 50 feet tall. The waterfall was  affected by forest road passing near it and reaches the area above it. You may reach to this road on foot or by car. From here you can admire the waterfall from top down (we recommend not getting too close to the water because there has been some fatal incidents reported).

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A few hundred meters from the forest road, from the waterfall, you get a mountain meadow where you can make a worthwhile stop.

Bridal Veil Falls – Valul Miresei Falls – in the Apuseni Mountains, Cluj county, is also known as Rachitele Falls.

The distance to Bridal Vail Falls (Cascada Valul Miresei) from Cluj Napoca is about 80 km on E60, the route Cluj – Huedin – Rachitele.

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The waterfall is located in a beautiful area of the Apuseni mountains, consisting of increases in the form of keys. Rachitele village is accessible from both pedestrian and vehicle on a forest road of about 7 km which is marked for tourists who choose the option „on foot”.

In Rachitele area and the waterfall trail, up to about 3-5 km from the village, there are hostels and cabins that can be rented.

Useful information

As this is a mountain area, we recommend that you take from Rachitele village, if case, liquids and food because the hostels are on closed circuit.

At the waterfall, in an organized area with mountain rescue, flying fox sport is practiced, and on other specific mountain rise alpinism is practiced

On winter, after the waterfall freezes, here it is organised a national championship round of ice climbing

Useful telephone numbers: 112 – Emergency Call

0724 212 589 – Mountain Rescue phone


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