Zanelor Guesthouse, Floresti, Cluj-Napoca


Floresti village, located in the vicinity of Cluj, is an economical evolved area. In fact, Floresti is the largest village of Romania. You can find here Polus Shopping Center, headquarters of several companies, kindergartens, schools, supermarkets, parks, pharmacies and more. 

Floresti also has many great accommodation units awaiting costumers with very convenient prices and high quality services. One of this accommodation units is Zanelor Guesthouse, which also translates in English as ”The Fairies House”.


Zanelor Guesthouse is one of the most modern accommodation units in Floresti, and its 4-stars services are highly appreciated by all tourists arriving in this area.

The benefits you can enjoy as a guest here include green areas, own guarded parking, covered garage, sauna, pool, billiards, airport transfers for VIPs, football and tennis court, patio, promenade areas, conference room, wireless, etc.

The spa center within the facility also offers different types of massage: relaxation, Swedish, aromatherapy, cellulite, with volcanic rocks, cervical, facial, etc.


Zanelor Guesthouse is located on Sportului Street, number 5, in Floresti Village, near Cluj. The distance between the exit of the city (towards Oradea) and the guesthouse can be covered in about 10 minutes by car.


Even if located far away from the city’s noise, Zanelor Guesthouse provides easy access to various points of interest, both in Floresti and Cluj-Napoca. Among these attractions we can find Polus Shopping Center or comercial complexes such as Billa, Metro, Praktiker or Cora.

You need about 15 minutes by car in order to reach the central area of Cluj. Just as quickly you can get to bus and train stations. The airport  is about 30 minutes  away.

Getting there

You can meet Sporturilor Street on the right side as you travel on Avram Iancu Street (the main street in Floresti).

For more information, see details about rates and contact information for Zanelor Guesthouse in Cluj-Napoca.



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