Turda Gorge – Cheile Turzii


Turda Gorge, one of the most important gorges of Transylvania, is a true monument, an attraction that you must not miss in your journey through Cluj.

Turda Gorge is where people from Cluj alongside tourists spend their free time in a mountain setting full of greenery and fresh air.

Turda Gorges were formed by erosion of limestone rock by flowing water that passes through them, the river Hasdate. The keys have a length of 2.900 m and a height of ridges and walls up to 300 m.

Turda Gorges host over 1.000 species of plants and animals, some rare items representing as wild garlic, eagle rock and more.

High ridges and steep limestone walls that push you in running water, create a unique sensation. For climbers these increases are real challenges.

Here is a climbers club of Turda Gorge who climb the ridges regularly in an organized environment.

Turda Gorge Caves area

In the Turda Gorge are around 60 known caves and remains of collapsed caves, most of small sizes. Only 8 caves exceed 20 m in length, the largest cave reaches 120 m.

One of the best known is the cave “Cetăţeaua Mare” (“Cave of Balica”) which is located near Bridge No. 4 on the right side of the valley Hasdate which crosses the gorges.

Turda Gorge route in

To cross the gorge you need about 1h 30 min – 2 hours walking round trip, depending on physical condition (can not cross by car).


  • not necessarily need special equipment as crossing the gorge because paths are arranged, but in summer are vipers
  • to remember that once you enter the gorge you won’t found places to buy food or beverages
  • for climbing ridges is advisable to contact mountain rescue in the area (unfortunately there were plenty of amateur climbers fatalities)
  • for groups are organized tracks in gorges area
  • do not forget your camera as you will see unique landscapes.


On the exist to Turda out the direction to Alba Iulia, turn right towards Mihai Viteazul village. Immediately after it end the village it forms a way to right which is leading to the key. From here winding road leads directly to keys, even if at some point because of the hills, you feel that you receding.

Distance between Tuda and Turda Gorge is about 13 km and can travel by car in approx. 25-30 min, and from Cluj Napoca is 45 km and can travel by car in about 1h on DN1 road.


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