Pedestrian Route “Old Markets from the Center of Cluj”


The route has the purpose of going through the most important historic markets in downtown Cluj Napoca, by step. The time needed to take this route is around 2h, varies depending on how much time is being spent on every tourist attraction.

Route Summary

Mihai Viteazul Market – Avram Iancu Square – Stefan cel Mare Market – Eroilor (Heroes) Boulevard –Unirii (Union) Square – Muzeului (Museum) Square – Mihai Viteazul Market

Departure is from the Horea Street from the entrance to Mihai Viteazul Square, where you can admire the two  palaces on both sides: on the right Szeky Palace and Palace Bobas in the left. While you forward the market, you see the imposing statue of Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) surrounded by green space and further by old buildings with different architectural periods depending on the period each one of them was bult. In the background you inevitably  see a massive building, the Florin Piersic Cinema.

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From Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) Market, you enter Cuza Voda street  through the right  of the Market at about 300m, towards the Avram Iancu Square.

Avram Iancu Square is one of the oldest and most beautiful squares in Cluj Napoca. The square is surrounded by palaces and buildings with a rich architecture, and in the middle of the square rises the Orthodox Mitropolitan Cathedral and the statue of Avram Iancu, surrounded by green spaces and a fountain.

Besides a great view, in  Avram Iancu Square, as tourist and cultural attractions, can be found the following:

  • Orthodox Mitropolitan Cathedral
  • Avram Iancu monument surrounded by a fountain
  • National Theatre and Romanian Opera
  • Prefecture Cluj and Cluj County Council
  • Protestant Theological Institute
  • CFR Cluj Building
  • Palace of the Archdiocese of Vad, Cluj and Feleac
  • Faculty of Theology of UBB Cluj
  • Palace of Finance Cluj
  • Palace of Justice with the Tribunal of Cluj
  • Military Circle

Forwarding about 100m, towards the Romanian National Theater and Opera, Opera park starts behind it and it is part of Stefan cel Mare Square.

The Park is in the middle of the square and it is surrounded by imposing buildings, these include:

National Theater and Romanian Opera and the Palace of Justice in Cluj (which are clearly visible from Avram Iancu Square)

Teachers House, today the headquarter of Cluj County School Inspectorate

Building of the Fourth Army Command Transylvania old barracks known as St. George.

If  going forward 100 m you get to Cipariu Market, which does not have a history so old as the others, where you can see Tailors Toer – Bastion of Tailors of Cluj Napoca.

At night, Avram Iancu Square and Stefan cel Mare Square receive another charm by the lights that highlight their architecture.

Returning to Avram Iancu Square, you enter one of the oldest and most beautiful boulevards in Cluj Napoca, Eroilor Boulevard (Heroes Boulevard) in the direction of Piata Unirii (formerly Liberty Square). The connection between Avram Iancu Square and Union Square may be on the Heroes Boulevard or December 21st 1989 Boulevard.

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Heroes Boulevard offers rather a large pedestrian space and street driving. On the pedestrian area you will find outdoor terraces, benches and a bike trail.

On the boulevard you can see:

  • Old buildings on both sides
  • Victoria Cinema
  • Greek-Catholic Cathedral “Transfiguration”
  • Lupa Capitolina
  • Old City Hall building in Cluj
  • At the end of the boulevard is the entrance to Union Square.

Formerly known as Piata Mare (Big Square), Piata Unirii (Union Square) is a market with lots of history, surrounded by palaces, among whom are next to the generous pedestrian space, the Monument of Matei Corvin and  and St. Mihail Church.

From here you go straight ahead  (to the left of St. Mihail Church) entering the Matei Corvin Street, where you can visit the memorial house of Matei Corvin ( Matthias Corvinus). From here you reach the Museum Square.


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