About ClujTravel

About ClujTravel.com

“One week-end, a few young people from Cluj wanted to do something different that day, went online and started looking for information on what they can do in Cluj Napoca or in its surroundings. So they started looking!

They found as variants clubs, terraces or bars. But they wanted something else, something they could visit, travel or a place where to spend that particular week-end day differently than usual. But they only found vague information on these issues.

Therefore, they got to the conclusion that there are no complete information about places thay one could visit in this city or in its surroundings.They found few information about tourist attractions, tourist routes in Cluj and its surroundings, about Museums in Cluj, outdated pictures and so on.”

This is how the idea for www.ClujTravel.com was born!

About the site

Through www.ClujTravel.com we are trying to bring, for the inhabitants of Cluj and for the tourists ,information and useful photos in the field of trips, of the areas that are worth visiting, sightseeing, trails and many others from the cities and major areas in Cluj county, especially from Cluj Napoca.

In this site there will be information about tourist attractions starting from their distant history, all the way through impressions or comments, tourist routes that Clujtravel Team has experimented and many information that are not to be found on any other sites about Cluj.

Weekly, new touristical information will be added, photos of areas or specific events from  Cluj, in order to include all the tourist and natural attractions from Cluj County.

We want tu build an online community that would bring to light the best of Cluj, through its beautiful places and areas.

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