Tailors Tower – Tailor’s Bastion Cluj


Cluj Napoca Tailors Tower is located on Baba Novac street no. 35 and it is part of the second fortified chamberin the system of fortification walls and raised in the first half of the fifteenth century and continued until the seventeenth century.Turnul-Croitorilor–Bastionul-Croitorilor-Cluj-Napoca-4

It was built on the southeast corner of the wall to defend the city after 1405, as a consequence of the privileges granted by King Sigismund of Luxembourg. The first documentary attestation dates from 1457, during King Matei Corvin.

Maintenance of the bastion was given to the most powerful guilds in the city – the tailors’ guild.

Over time, the Tower was destroyed several times – in: 1551-1553, 1601, 1627 and 1707. The current appearance was given by the last major reconstruction between 1709-1711, submitted by Austrians, out of over 150 stone-carts. The tower was restored in 1956-1957, when they tried to open a museum of history of Cluj, which is prohibited by the communist authorities in 1959.

In front of the tower was placed the statue of Baba Novac (sculptor Virgil Fulicea), General of Mihai Viteazul, killed in 1600.  Turnul-Croitorilor–Bastionul-Croitorilor-Cluj-Napoca-9

In 2008, after the restoration carried out under the auspices of City Cuncil and Mayor of Cluj Napoca, the Tower received a new destination: „Center for Urban Culture”.

Tailors Tower is one of the few parts that remained standing of the old fort of Cluj Napoca.

Tailors Tower – Tailor’s Bastion of Cluj Napoca –  Baba Novac Street no. 35

It is located on Baba Novac Street no. 35, at the intersection with Turzii Route and Avram Iancu street, also visible from Cipariu Square.

Visiting hours

– Monday to Friday: 09-19

– Saturday to Sunday: 10-18

(open free)


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