Castelul Banffy


The field was donated, as historians say, by King Sigismund of Luxembourg  to Banffy family. On the land in this area, the family mentioned above began, around 1437, the building of the house which today is proof of that time. The construction of the castle spread over a period of about 100 years and suffered significant changes over time. The palace was built by the great aristocratic family from Transylvania, the Banffy familly.

„Inside of the assembly found their place also some of the statues of ancient deities such as Chronos, Hercules and Ceres. They are now at the National History Museum of Transylvania, and when the renovation will be completed will be made ​​available to restorers.”

Banffy Castle today

To visit the Banffy to have to pay a fee of 2 LEI / person.

At the entrance there is a parking space for cars.

After passing the castle walls, dive into a huge courtyard, framed by buildings. Unfortunately, they are in an advanced degree of degradation, but due to the efforts of the Romanian authorities, in collaboration with the British Association, began the restoration of the whole complex. Thus, one of the buildings dwells even a cafe where visitors can enjoy a hot drink and admire photography of Prince Charles who, each time coming to Romania, do not hesitate to drink a hot tea at the cafe inside the Banffy castle. This is due not only the beauty and history that lies between the walls this architectural monument, but also the fact that the history of England and Romania met in this place, the Banffy family is distantly related to Prince Charles family.

In this location weddings and other events are organized during the summer. For tourists there are no accommodation places.

Because of cultural and historical importance, but also the size of this, the place is called “Versailles of Transylvania” and is visited annually, regardless of the season, by a lot of tourists.


Banffy Castle is located at a distance of 30 km from the Cluj-Napoca, in Bontida town. It’ll be here starting the direction Cluj-Dej, then turn right in town Bontida


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