Art Museum – Banffy Palace


It was founded in 1951 and from 1956 functiones inside the Bánffy Palace, the most important baroque building in Cluj-Napoca. The building was built as a residence for the governor of Transylvania – György Bánffy in the period 1774 – 1785, based on the designs of architect JE Blaumann. Stone architectural decoration was completed with a series of sculptures outstanding from the artistic point of view, made by Anton Schuchbauer.

The museum has a very valuable heritage of the Romanian and European art: paintings, graphics, sculpture, decorative arts from the XVth-XXIth centuries, quartered in: National Gallery (five centuries of national fine art, but with emphasis on those in Transylvania, represented in the 271 pieces of paintings and 42 pieces of sculpture of the artists Theodor Aman, Nicolae Grigorescu, Ion Andreescu ,Corneliu Baba, Hans Eder, Virgil Fulicea, Oscar Han, Sava Hentia, Ferenc Acs, Kos Andras, Hans Mattis Teutsch, Nechita Painter, Franz Neuhauser, Carol Popp Szatmari, Vida Geza, Aurel pinch, Rum Ladea and many others), Romanian graphics collection (represented by Theodor Aman, Hans Eder, Pericles Capidan, Pallady, Istvan Nagy, Nicholas Tonitza, Venceslav Melka, Carol Popp Szatmari, etc..) and universal art collection – 1,456 pieces of art and documentary interest in Europe: Istvan Reti, Jozsef Koszka (Hungary), Felix Ziem, Jean Hippolyte Flandrin (France), Defregger Franz (Austria-Germany), Carlo Dolce, Luca Giordano (Italy), Ivan Konstantinovich Aivazovski (Russia) etc.


Unirii Square, number 30, 400098, Cluj-Napoca

Tel.: (+4) 0264 596 952

(+4) 0264 596 953

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Art Museum in Cluj Napoca is opened

  • Wedneday to Sunday between 10-17
  • Monday and Tuesday the museum is closed

Location and access

Art Museum (Banfy Palace) is located in the old center of the city, in Union Square at no.30, between Melody Hotel and Twin Buildings, corner with Iuliu Maniu Street.

For parking, acrosst the road from the museum, there is a paid parking area and other special arranged areas for parking around the St. Michael roman-catholic church in Union Square.


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